About Hale & Hamlin

History of the Firm

                                                                           Eugene Hale                                  Hannibal E. Hamlin

        Hale & Hamlin traces its roots back nearly more than 170 years, to when Eugene Hale first studied law under Thomas Robinson here in Ellsworth.  In 1883, Hale partnered with Hannibal E. Hamlin, the son of Abraham Lincoln's first Vice President of the same name, and opened Hale & Hamlin in downtown Ellsworth.  Hamlin went on to become the Maine Attorney General and a Maine State Senator.  The firm has been a staple of the Maine legal community ever since and is proud to continue the legacy of excellence and service started by its founding members all those years ago.


Hale & Hamlin Today

        Today the firm consists of five lawyers with more than 100 years of combined experience practicing in Hancock, Penobscot and Washington counties.  With that experience comes familiarity and efficiency in working with clients to resolve there legal problems, whether in the courtroom or in the community.  Our attorney's specialize in: