Civil Litigation

    Our civil litigation team is comprised of four attorneys: Barry Mills, Justin Bennett, Sally Mills and Zachary McNally. Between us, we have more than 75 years experience in representing clients in civil cases throughout the State of Maine. We have represented clients in cases of varying complexity. On numerous occasions, we have represented clients in cases in which the sum in dispute is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Barry Mills has obtained numerous judgments and settlements of over $1,000,000.00 for clients. Most recently, he obtained a damages award of over $6,000,000.00 in the case of Smith v. Central Maine Power.

    Many of the differing types of civil litigation follow a similar process within the courts. However, we are conscious that some areas of litigation have their own unique aspects: such as the reliance on experts in personal injury cases, real estate litigation and construction litigation. Also, certain types of litigation often have compulsory arbitration clauses (such as litigation concerning construction contracts).

    Barry, Justin, and Sally have each been prior recipients of the Hancock County Pro Bono attorney of the year award from the Maine State Bar Association. We have been involved in briefing and arguing numerous appeal cases to the Maine Supreme Court. We have substantial experience in the compulsory mediation process and trial advocacy. Where possible, we use new technology to prepare and present a case. As part of the present Maine court system, the great majority of civil litigation cases are resolved without the need for a full trial. As such, we endeavor to prepare a case thoroughly from the outset and keep a constant review of the cost / benefit of pursuing each claim. The likelihood is that the majority of cases will be resolved via negotiated settlements than at trial.

    We represent both plaintiffs and defendants. Typically, we will offer a free initial meeting with a client in an attempt to evaluate the relevant issues and merits of a case; as well as discuss our fees for representing you. In some instances we are willing to offer contingency fees, as opposed to a straight hourly fee. Ideally, we like to hold the meeting at our office. However, we recognize that some of our clients do not reside in Hancock County. We are more than willing to have telephone meetings with clients. It is important for you to be as prepared as possible when we speak. We may be asking you to provide copies of various documents soon after the initial meeting.